At Rubicon, we dream big with our mission to end waste. As a certified B Corp, Rubicon has committed to changing the world through business. Meeting a rigorous set of standards, B Corp sets the bar high challenging companies to take on the world’s most timely issues. For Rubicon specifically, this means evolving an antiquated waste & recycling industry and deploying next-generation smart city solutions through our technology products. Everything we do is focused on our mission, to end waste, by creating a more efficient and sustainable circular economy.

Below are 5 other eco-conscious companies that are living their purpose and are continuously making a positive impact on this earth.

1. TerraCycle

From an office made of upcycled waste to graffiti wall art promoting local artists, TerraCycle’s company culture is as cool as the impact it is making in the recycling industry. Gone are the days of throwing away items that might be considered too “hard” to recycle. As the recipient of over 200 awards and recognitions acknowledging how this company is making a difference in sustainable business, you can bet on TerraCycle having a solution for your trash woes.

From free recycling programs with print at home shipping labels to their Zero Waste BoxTM to collect and ship your waste, TerraCycle has provided ample opportunities to divert waste while promoting awareness. Their dream is becoming a reality and according to their website, over 80 million people in 21 countries have helped to collect and recycle enough waste to raise over 21 million dollars for charities around the world.

2. World Centric

While we sit and dream of a zero waste and eco-friendly earth, World Centric is the change agent leading the charge every single day. With a mission that is driven by reducing waste and adversity across the globe, World Centric donates at least 25% of profits to environmental and humanitarian-driven organizations. They live their ethos by providing better options through products like compostable plates and programs that touch every facet of life. They are setting the industry example striving to be a zero-waste office and achieving this by running on 100% local and renewable energy, providing a $250 stipend for the use of public transportation for employees, and offering zero-interest long-term loans or donations.

3. SouthFace

A group of volunteers gathered on May 3, 1978, also known as Sun Day, to promote solar energy production. This gathering was the beginning of something beautiful, environmentalists sharing in a dream. Their passion and advocacy evolved Southface into a 501 (c)3 in 1979. Since that day, Southface has been making what was once a pipe dream 40 years ago a true reality today. They realized quickly to be able to implement solar energy production, the world needs to reduce the wasted energy and Southface is accomplishing this through the process in which homes and communities are built.

By reducing energy at the beginning of the construction process working towards a regenerative society, they are promoting a healthier environment through education, research, advocacy, and tech support.

4. Recycle Across America

With a goal of fixing recycling, Recycle Across America is doing so through developing and providing standardized labels for waste bins. This turns any bin into a huge opportunity, whether you want to divert plastic, batteries, cardboard, or cans. They even have labels for more specific items like printer cartridges, compost, electronics (e-waste) and more.

According to their website, “Without exception, recycling is the top action society can do to simultaneously improve: the environment, the economy, sustainable manufacturing and to prevent waste from going into oceans.” With the right knowledge and changing of people’s habits by simply putting stickers on different bins to divert waste, this sounds like a no-brainer. What are you waiting for?

5. Sustainable Brands

Serving as the ultimate resource for everything environmentally friendly, Sustainable Brands has become the industry’s coveted landing page for news, events, knowledge sharing and more. From webinars on “How to Embed Sustainability in Sporting Events” to a full directory listing hundreds of eco-conscious businesses, Sustainable Brands is your one-stop shop to help like-minded and forward-thinking professionals execute and profit through sustainable innovation and collaboration.  By bettering leading brands, this community is able to shift the global culture towards purpose-driven and eco-conscious behavior.

Looking for some eco-friendly business tips?  Read the RUBICONMethod in full to start developing a more successful waste reduction and recycling program today.