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16 May Make the Most out of Your Atlas System Archive

By Kyla Wisniewski, Rubicon International

Your Atlas system has a built-in feature that makes a copy of your curriculum maps each year and stores it in a place that is accessible by all teachers and administrators.  This is what we refer to as the system archive, which is simply a backup of your curriculum. With some quick preparation and awareness of the archive, it can be used as a powerful reflective tool as your school progresses in its curriculum mapping journey.

Although this is an automatic feature of Atlas, there are several things you should know that will help you manage the process of transitioning your curriculum into a new academic year. Completing a few simple Admin tasks before and after the archive will ensure that your school captures an accurate record of its curriculum and is prepared for the following year’s curriculum planning.

What is the archive?

Watch the video below for an explanation of this Atlas feature.

Before the Archive

Prior to the archive date, remind your team to update their curriculum to best reflect the school year. Because the archive will store curricular information for years to come in Atlas, it is most beneficial when each year’s archive shows exactly what was taught within that time period. Here’s a few reminders to guarantee the accuracy of each archive:

Set the archive date for around 2 weeks after the last day of school.

Because teachers may want to plan over the summer months, we recommend that your annual archive take place at the end of the school year, after teachers have wrapped-up instruction for the year, but before they begin planning for the following year. You can view or change your current archive date within the Admin Dashboard > Site Configuration > Set Archive Date.

Encourage your team to update their courses to reflect what was taught in the current year.

Remind teachers at your school about the upcoming archive date so they know the time frame to complete updates to their current year’s maps. Additionally, use this opportunity to inform teachers not to begin their curriculum planning for next year until after the archive.

Some sample questions for teachers to ensure their maps are up to date include:

  • Are the pacing bars accurate on the Unit Calendar?
  • Were there any units that you didn’t cover this year? Any units that need to be added to your curriculum?
  • Are the standards you taught this year accurately marked as targeted and assessed in your units?
  • Are your unit reflections completed? What went well, and what needs to be improved for next year?
After the Archive

Begin planning for the new school year with some Atlas clean up! If your team has discussed any new initiatives, template changes, or standards updates, put those into action once your archive date is complete.

Use these tips to prepare your Atlas system for the new year:

Complete System Admin tasks for quick system clean up.

As a system Admin, system maintenance is timely following the archive date. Spend some time in the Admin Dashboard updating the following items:

  • Set new school start and end dates in the Academic Calendar.
  • Delete departed teachers, and add new team members in Teachers and Privileges.
  • Update the new year’s course list and course assignments in Manage Courses.
  • Move courses that will not be taught in the upcoming year to the Recycle bin.

Simplify the unit template or incorporate new initiatives.

Can your template be streamlined for your teachers, or can new initiatives be woven in? Consult with your Atlas contact if your template requires clean up or new additions. Keep in mind that the archive will preserve any information in the case that the template undergoes major changes for the new year.

Update the System’s adopted standards list.

The adopted standards list can become exhaustive and inaccurate as years progress. Have a conversation with your team and determine if any standards in your system are outdated or no longer used by teachers. Feel free to reach out to your Atlas support team if standards need to be removed from your system or if there are any new sets of standards that your team will need for the upcoming year.

Find your archived curriculum and reflect!

Finally, make sure your team makes the most use out of the archive feature by reminding others where to find their curriculum from past years. Peruse curriculum year to year by navigating to Browse > Filter > Current Year.

Visibility into past years’ curriculum can be a starting point to plan for upcoming years or spark conversation about the progression of your curriculum over time. Utilize the archive feature to reflect, analyze, and celebrate the hard work your team has put in to writing your school’s curriculum!

If you have questions, contact our support team.

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