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Reinventing an industry

In 2008, a Kentuckian named Nate Morris teamed up with an old high school friend named Marc Spiegel—whose family had been in the waste and recycling business for more than a century—to create a better, more sustainable way to deal with the problem of waste. And with that, Rubicon was born.

Today, Rubicon is a leading provider of software-based waste, recycling, and fleet operations products for businesses and governments worldwide. With more than 13 million service locations, Rubicon focuses on developing software solutions that bring new transparency to the waste and recycling industry—encouraging customers to make data-driven decisions that lead to more efficient and effective operations as well as more sustainable outcomes.

We manage all waste and recycling services through an extensive network of more than 8,000 vendor and hauler partners. Our programs span cardboard (OCC), plastic, paper, metal, glass, electronics recycling, construction and demolition (C&D), organics recycling (including food waste and composting services), and single-stream recycling (SSR). Our subject matter experts manage commodity markets, zero-waste programs, and other sustainability offerings across our portfolio. On top of all that, we offer an advanced smart city solution, RUBICONSmartCity™, that helps municipalities achieve and maintain more efficient, effective, and sustainable waste and recycling operations.

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To end waste

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We are on a mission to end waste. We help our partners find economic value in their waste streams and confidently execute on their sustainability goals.

It’s not just about the physical waste that businesses, governments, and organizations produce in their daily operations—it’s also about wasted time, wasted money, and wasted energy. So while our work started with keeping materials out of landfills and creating a more circular economy through recycling and reuse, it continues to grow toward creating a more efficient and effective society.

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We partner with businesses of all sizes, around the world, to advance our efforts to end waste.

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