Partnering with Schools Around the World

We are a team of K12 educators and enthusiasts, curriculum designers and strategists, developers and innovators based in the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon.

Our product Atlas, is the leading curriculum management platform for K12 schools across the globe. Throughout the year, we offer educator-led professional development workshops and summits. From teacher professional development, such as curriculum design strategies, to sessions designed to support school leaders overseeing change in schools.

We also offer curriculum audits and on-site trainings specific to quality curriculum development. Sample sessions range from preparing for school accreditation, to learning to develop NGSS units, or delving into standard-based grading – the topics are diverse and the professional development is custom designed for your school.

We look forward to collaborating and forging new partnerships with educators in every corner of the world.
Our global network is what inspires us every day.

We believe learning is at its best when...

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