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A Message from our CEO

My name is Chris Stasi and I’m writing to introduce myself as the new CEO of Rubicon. After 18 years, Rubicon recently underwent a change of ownership. This sale is how I came to the company and over the next few months I hope you’ll see the change will bring many new advantages to you as a Rubicon customer.

As all of us are well aware, the education technology industry has been undergoing significant changes the last few years and vendors such as Rubicon need to keep up with those changes. This sale will bring a new infusion of capital and energy into the company, allowing us to focus on providing for our customers in ways Rubicon hasn’t been able to in a long time. This capital will be used for technology advancement, new feature development and more of the superior customer service you’ve come to expect from our client management teams. This will result in a number of initiatives and product improvements that our customer base has long asked for.

In the next weeks and months, you’ll begin to see announcements about our product plans. Before the end of this month, you’ll see a long-awaited refresh to our flagship platform, Atlas. This refresh will not only have a new look and feel that will make navigating in Atlas a better experience, it will also contain the foundation for our next major release a few months later. That release will contain some major new features such as Lesson Planning, a feature I know many of you have been asking for. We will be showing you this functionality during the remaining part of this school year so that you can begin implementing it for the 2018/19 school year.

In mid-February, we’ll be announcing an entirely new product allowing you to tie your assessment results right back to the curriculum you built your teaching efforts on for the entire school year. Together this is the beginning of an entirely new path for Rubicon that will put our focus back where it should always be, on you as our loyal customers.

You’ll be seeing these announcements along with many other exciting new directions for Rubicon over the next few months in our marketing and sales communications. Along with myself we have brought in some other new management as well and you’ll be hearing from Phil Graham, our new head of sales, throughout the spring as our sales and account management teams update you on our progress and new features. You’ll still work with the same dedicated account management team and they will also be walking you through these changes in the coming months.

I am new to the company, but I am not new to the industry, and one thing I have learned is that while education is different than many other industries there is one general tenet that still takes precedence: The customer is our number one priority. We at Rubicon are fortunate to have such a longstanding and loyal customer base. I hope you will continue this journey with us and find greater value in our partnership in the coming year as we become more and more responsive to your needs. I know we will.

Thank you for your business and your partnership. Phil and I, along with our entire team, look forward to continuing this journey together as we all work toward a better outcome for our students.


Chris Stasi, CEO Rubicon

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