Design PK-12 Curriculum + Tailor PD for Teachers and Leaders

Collaborate with educators from around the world

Design Curriculum with Atlas

Atlas is the curriculum planning software designed to meet your school’s needs. With Atlas, school’s around the world initiate, revamp, and continuously refine and improve their curriculum development process. Within Atlas, create structure for the curriculum process, document curriculum in custom built templates, generate reports analyzing the curriculum from standards alignment to scope and sequence, and review and revise curriculum in pursuit of student achievement.

Create custom reports in Atlas

Transform Learning with Professional Development

Our Professional Development offerings are expert-led sessions designed to engage educators in continuous learning opportunities. From teacher professional development, such as curriculum design strategies, to sessions designed to support school leaders overseeing change in schools, the wide-range of tracks will support schools’ processes and initiatives. Audit curriculum for quality curriculum development, prepare for school accreditation, learn to develop NGSS units, or delve into standard-based grading – the topics are diverse and the professional development is custom designed for  your school.

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